what’s up everyone. it’s 12:34 am – February 14th 2024. I’m in bed working on the website. i’ve got my jiu-jitsu kaisen keychain beside me because it’s my good luck charm. tomorrow marks one year that i’ve been official a tenant of the beaumont studios. i’ve put a lot of passion and time into building this entire thing and i am eternally grateful to all of those who have supported me along the way. i’ve actually never sold anything online and literally sell everything in person and mostly to friends and other artists.

i’ll keep working on posting products, coming up with good names, but most of all coming up with good photos and videos but because i want people who can’t see the product in person to really understand the feeling of the clothing and the vibe of my vision. these are outdoor pajamas, – clothes you can wear on your day off. you can wear them inside when you’re lounging but but also you can wear them out…. some people will look at you like “why are you wearing a sweatsuit”, but you’ll be cooler than them because it’s a sexyboysandgirlsclub sweatsuit, with cool ass designs on it.

life is too short to wear the same thing as everybody else.

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